• For gingival displacement and hemostasis before bonding and/or restorative placement procedures
  • For use to aid in making impressions for fixed prosthetics

#1 – for the anterior teeth preparation.

#0 – for anterior teeth; as upper cord for “two cord” technique.

#00 – during preparation and cementation of veneers; restorative procedures dealing with thin, friable tissues.

#000 – for lower anteriors; when luting near gingival and subgingival veneers; class III, IV V restorations; first cord for “two cord” technique.


  • Cord is made of 100% cotton
  • Knitted into thousands of tiny loops forming long interlocking chains
  • The unique knitted design exerts a gentle continuous outward force following placement as knitted loops seek to open
  • Easy to control and place
  • Will not tangle in burs or packers
  • Handy dispenser with integrated cutter and ruler on the side
  • Dispenser designed to prevent the cord from falling inside the container
  • Compresses upon packing then expands for optimal retraction
24010 1 bottle 244cm, #0
24020 1 bottle 244cm, #00
24030 1 bottle 244cm, #000
24040 1 bottle 244cm, #1