• For cleaning
  • For lubricating
  • For irrigating
  • Helps decalcify dentin in the canal wall
  • Removal of smear layer


  • 17% EDTA solution and neutral pH cleanses root canals rapidly
  • Helpful in enlarging of canals
  • Opens calcified canals
  • No liquid spillage (safe application thanks to luer-lock type syringe)
  • Highest quality empty syringe included in the box (rubber ring on the plunger ensures perfect control and smoothness of moving when taking and applying the product)
  • Bottle has the special connector attached
  • There is no need for additional adaptor because syringe tightens directly to connector on the bottle
  • There is no need to invert bottle, as inside is tube trough which you can easy bring the liquid to syringe
18250 250ml